Infant Security, Patient Protection and Asset Tracking can be provided with one hardware and software infrastructure. By utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology, the MyChild™ System can protect, track and locate babies, children, wandering patients, staff and equipment.

A variety of patient tags provides your facility with options that best meet your specific needs. We not only specialize in infant protection, but offer security solutions for pediatrics, adults and devices.

Our Infant ID Kits are a simple and cost effective way to prevent mother-baby switching.  This kit can be used with or without an electronic security system. The number on the ID band is also etched on the cord clamp. If the bands slip off, you can still identify the child with the numbered cord clamp.

Let Secure Medical Systems demonstrate the benefits of using the MyChild™ System to protect your patients, and equipment, with sensible and cost effective security solutions.

MyChild Umbilical Tag
The patented MyChild Umbilical Tag not only alarms when detected at a protected location, but has been proven to prevent abductions.

February 25, 2010
Fox LA News filmed a news report on the MyChild Infant Security System that is in use at Santa Monica – UCLA Medical Center.  It showcases the patented MyChild Umbilical Transponder and demonstrates how it is used to deter a potential abductor.
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